ARF Annual Self-Assessment Form

Due July 1

  • During the past year did you serve as an officer of the ARF board?
  • Describe any service that you performed in the past year as a representative for ARF to another organization, such as MAF or LMRG, which supports alpaca related research.
  • List any special projects that you completed for ARF during the past year.
  • List any oral or written presentations that you gave in the past year for the purpose of informing the alpaca community about ARF and its projects.
  • Provide any other information concerning your activities during the past year in support of ARF.
  • If your term is due to expire in December of this year are you applying for an additional 3 year term?
  • If you are seeking a third consecutive term as an ARF board member, please state briefly why you believe that your departure from the ARF board would result in a significant loss of continuity and have a negative impact on the functioning of ARF.

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