ARF Full Proposal Grant Application

DOWNLOAD Information and Full Proposal Grant Application


Proposals are due September 1. The earliest funding date is January 1.

Please submit proposal electronically to Patricia Craven, PhD, at

One signed hard copy, postmarked no later than September 1, should also be sent to

Alan A. Rosenbloom, MD
824 Poplar Trail
Siler City, NC 27344

Grant Proposal Format

All proposals must be submitted in the following format or they will not be considered.

  1. Cover Page: Download cover page.
  2. Lay Abstract: The lay abstract (maximum 250 words) should be suitable for use in ARF promotional materials.
  3. Introduction: The introduction should provide an overview of the pertinent literature and the rationale for the current proposal. All information supplied should be adequately referenced.
  4. Hypothesis
  5. Objectives
  6. Preliminary Data: Summarize any work which you have performed which supports the feasibility of the proposed work.
  7. Experimental Design and Interpretation: Explain what results are expected and how they will be interpreted with respect to the study objectives.
  8. Materials and Methods: The methods should be described in detail, not just cited.
  9. Statistical Analysis: Explain how you determined the number of animals required for each group and how the data will be analyzed.
  10. Resources Available: Describe equipment and space which are available to support the proposed project.
  11. Time line: Describe the progress you expect to make in each year of the project.
  12. Literature Cited
  13. Budget: A detailed budget should be included. All items should be justified.
  14. Other Support: Include budget pages and abstracts from all currently funded and pending research support. Describe any scientific or budgetary overlap.
  15. CV’s: Attach an abbreviated CV (maximum two pages) for all professional people involved in the work.
  16. Supporting Documentation: If appropriate, publications, pertinent literature, or other items that would facilitate project review should be included.

Length of Submitted Grant Proposal

The main body of the proposal, Parts 3–9, cannot exceed five (5) single spaced typed 8.5 x 11 inch pages, having one (1) inch margins and using a 10–12 point font. Number all pages sequentially starting with the cover page.