Big Changes for Alpaca Research

  • Big changes are coming to the way camelid research is reviewed and funded, that will have a positive impact on the North American alpaca industry. The Alpaca Research Foundation (ARF) has entered into a cooperative agreement with the Morris Animal Foundation (MAF).
  • Under this agreement, ARF will no longer be accepting new applications for research funding. All new camelid proposals, with the exception of fiber, will be submitted directly through the MAF portal and will be jointly reviewed by ARF and MAF. Fiber proposals will be submitted through the MAF portal and then reviewed and funded by ARF alone.
  • The exact date that the MAF portal will open for camelid proposals will be announced here in the near future.
  • In the past, all camelid proposals that were submitted to MAF were reviewed, along with equine proposals, by equine experts. Under the new plan, a separate study section, staffed by camelid experts, will review all camelid proposals at MAF.
  • Meritorious proposals will be jointly funded by ARF and MAF and administered through MAF. We believe that these changes will go a long way towards fulfilling ARFs mission of supporting research that benefits the North American alpaca industry.