ARF Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

February 17, 2020

Board of Directors

Abe Rosenbloom (President)
Shauna Brummet (Vice President)
Michelle Ing (Secretary) (absent)
Pat Long (Treasurer)
Karen Baum (absent)
Patricia Craven
Randy Larson (absent)


Robin Gifford

President’s Report


Secretary’s Report

Abe offered the minutes for approval. Pat motioned, Shauna seconded.

Treasurer’s Report

Don’t anticipate getting Hewlett Foundation 4X matching grant. Thinks that when she is off the board she won’t be able to get the match. Shauna motioned, Patricia seconded. We completed paperwork for conversion from a private foundation to a public charity — this was done to allow company matching funding programs. We have many donors of small amounts, which supports the IRS requirements. Taxes have been prepared. Pat has shared with Abe and Pat. Others can see the tax filing if desired. The account is ready to e-file. No tax will be due this year.

MAF & LMRG Update

Pat has stepped off the board of MAF after 18 years’ service. We have about $100k there for alpaca research — we “control” how the interest from the account is spent.

New Business

Introduction of AOA Executive Director Robin Gifford by Shauna and then self-introduction. Shared ideas for fund-raising for ARF and collaboration on program development and support.

Plan to have Robin present a fund-raising plan and collaboration plan at the April board meeting.

Meeting Wrap

The next meeting will be Monday, April 13, 2020, at 9:00 p.m. EDT.

Adjourned 9:56 p.m. EST.

Treasurer's Report for February 2020
1 Nov – 31 Jan 2020


Beginning Balance

Interest EarnedNovember1,662.80
DonationJan Sherrill340.00
 Mary Jaffe2,000.00
 Your Cause12.00
Total Income 7,345.44
Texas Agri Lifeminute chrom2,549.17
Bank ChargeReturn Check20.00
Transfer to AdminInterest Earned4,190.05
Total Expenses 6,759.22

Ending Balance



Beginning Balance

Interest EarnedNovember1.33
 Transfer in from Grant4,190.05
Total Income 4,193.90
Total Expenses 0.00

Ending Balance